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After decades Keebler has decided to changed the Club Crackers. They no longer have the rich buttery flavor.

Just a low flavor cracker with little in the way of taste now. They used to be a regular purchase but are no longer worth buying. It seems obvious that it was done to cheapen the cost of producing but as with most things you get what you pay for.

The entire Keebler line of products seems to be in the process of being altered. Keebler must believe that the lower sales will be more than offset by lower production costs but they have lost me as a consumer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Keebler Club Snack Stacks Crackers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $6.

Preferred solution: Don't alter the formula.

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It’s not just Club crackers, Ritz and Town House also suffer from the same poor quality. They are all under baked, not buttery, crumble easily and are flavorless.

I’ve bought and tried all three at least two times over the past couple months, today is 10/12/18, and cannot serve any of them at my gatherings. Need to move on to different brands after enjoying them since the 1960’s, a sad time for crackers.


I totally agree! I thought it was just me...

I have no idea what happened to the original recipe, but they need to change back ASAP.

The crackers have no flavor and are not worth the price. I will no longer be purchasing!!


Wow! I thought I just got a bad box.

Keebler Club Crackers have been my favorite for years. I love the rich buttery salty sweet flavor they had, but now they have none of that signature taste. They’re horrible!! Why did they change them???

I’m not buying any more either! =(


All their cracker products are terrible. They must be made in Mexico also like the Nabisco products


I eat Keebler Club Crackers almost every day with sharp cheddar cheese, but AT LEAST 4 times per week. I have sharp cheddar cheese slices on each cracker, 10 at a time, in the morning.I also have to take this horrible tasting liquid medicine twice each day and after each, I eat 2 club crackers.Without the NORMAL salt-like particles on each cracker, they have little to no flavor and are hardly worth eating!WHAT SHOULD I BUT NOW?

ANY IDEAS, KEEBLER? OTHER CUSTOMERS?Discord contact KenJustKen#7541(thank you kindly, be well!)


Agree....used to buy them, won't anymore. Just terrible.

Terrible. Terrible.


Agree. Used to love Club crackers, now have an odd taste. Won't buy again unless they go back to original.


I also agree. Been a lifelong customer.

Not anymore. Quality and taste have been denied the consumer for profit margins for the CEO and shareholders.


I agree with you. I was sadly surprised by the lack of flavor.

These crackers were my favorite and it was truly difficult to stop eating them. I am throwing my newly purchased box away and will not be rebuying.

Great Job Keebler/Kelloggs. Not.


All done with Club crackers. I am so disappointed with Keebler.

They are no longer melt in your mouth buttery tender crackers. They are now dry, crumbling tasteless compared to what they were.


I have purchased my last box of anything snack wise by Keebler. It seems that a cazillion dollar company would realize they will not get people hooked on chemical tastes and vile crumbly textures.

If I am going to eat "unnecessary snacks' with little or no nutritive ........it will be WORTH the money and and worth the flavor. Epic fail on the changes.


Other posters are correct. The club crackers do not have a buttery flavor to them anymore.

I thought one box was just a fluke but my second box the same bad taste.

I don't know why you would try to change something that worked so well except to save money. Your loss

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